31 Dec 2020 Beats Electronic Music Music

New Single Sleepless Funk

Frank Panduh Sleepless Funk Album Art

Howdy, y’all Frank Panduh here, with another single. Called sleepless funk. Now on Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and more. The new single is pretty much a super chill poppy house beat with pretty bells. Stream the new single with the embeds below and share em’ if you dig it! And sign up for email updates for the upcoming EP called “Luna” coming in 2021!




New EP titled “LUNA” coming soon! Hope y’all have a safe new year. And Enjoy the new single! If you wanna stay in the loop for the new EP. Sign up for updates with the email list. I don’t spam just post links to merch and music releases. Hoping to cross over 1K play’s next year! Help me reach my goal!

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-frank panduh

frank panduh digital
digital render of frank panduh
Frank Panduh Sleepless Funk Album Art
Sleepless Funk Album Art

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