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Official Releases:

all official music 🎧 releases by frank panduh download or stream bellow if you don’t use Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube or any of the big services.

Whatever (2020)

Music For Daydreamers (2015)

EP 2 (2015)

EP 1 (2014)

Nefelibata (2014)

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Download Rules / Music Use Rules:

  • Feel free to download and share.
  • If you use a track for your Twitch channel or YouTube.
    Email me @ [email protected]
  • If you do use my song for a remix cite me as a original track owner.
  • All Commercial Use must be approved by me or i will use full extent of law.
  • Do not re-post to Spotify for playlist it’s already on Spotify. Contact me if you wanna add it to a playlist if you monetize it.
  • Commercial Use = Getting Paid = Me not getting paid =[
  • Open to Commercial Licensing Requests @ [email protected]