02 Jan 2022 Music

New Album: “Ambivert” Out on Jan 14, 2022.

Howdy Humans, Frank Panduh here back with a new album for the New Year. I call it “Ambivert“. It’s out for streaming and digital download on January 14, 2022. You can buy it on iTunes and Bandcamp. Or stream it… Whatever you like it’s the future.

Frank Panduh floating in the sky.
Frank Panduh – Sky Floating (Digital Render)

Ambivert is a 13 track album. A we bit over 30 minutes of music. Composed in my bedroom throughout 2021. Some tracks are upbeat and others shift moods though out the track. I tried to incorporate a bunch of influences. I started out composing house stuff and kinda wanted to touch back on that with some dreamy distortion and chaotic sounds. Old 90’s video game textures on top of bouncy drums. I used to play drums in a Indie rock band called the panduhs and really miss playing. So i tried to make the drums feel as fun as possible to hearken back to that.

I’ve always been a sucker for harsh texture so be aware this album is loud and poppy. DIY produced in my bedroom. So sorry if it’s not studio quality just punk rock laptop mastered. Hoping it put’s a smile or tap in your foot. So if you have read this far thank you and listen to a teaser below.

Frank Panduh – Cream Soda Computer (teaser)

Frank Panduh – Cream Soda Computer (Album Art Teased)

You can pre-save (bookmark it to your spotify with my Distrokid Link here):


Or Pre-Order On Bandcamp here (and get the song early as a pre-order gift):


If you are on Audius.co and follow me: you get a free download of The Teaser above:


Album Art was made by the Talented “@BerryessaTV“.

Frank Panduh - Music For Daydreamers (2015) album art by @BerryessaTV
Music For Daydreamers (2015) album art by BerryessaTV

for “Music For Daydreamers“.

If you can buy a copy or donate some extra coin it helps. I am not signed nor employed currently. So anything helps. If you also broke but want a copy. Feel free to shoot me an email at: frankpanduh @ gmail.com

Thanks for reading this and staying up on here.

Hope you enjoy the album when it’s out!

Stay Rad, Lifted and gifted!


  • Frank Panduh

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