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Hey, their amazing person reading this, I make music and love to make music but I am currently unemployed. =p If anyone reading this would like to help me out with donations or anything on my wish list. If you donate send me an email @ [email protected] and I’ll send you some music and whatever I can to make your day amazing!

If you wanna help me out you can donate to these links below.
Please note that donations are final. (For More info see applicable terms of service)

Where to Donate


Paypal (including ugly link)

Scan For Paypal.


Venmo QR CODE.


CashApp QR CODE.


Frank Panduh - patreon link
Link to my Patreon.


Wanna buy me Ko-Fi?

Want to donate cryptocurrency?

If you’d like to donate cryptocurrency to help me make more stuff.
I have some wallet address you can send donations here:

$AUDIO: 0x57a064e45dbf989c37af7fb287e6c14f5a75751d
BAT: 0x00ea4abD12142AC85E3736128b3c7d2047E949f7
BTC β‚Ώ: 34o7WwyAHuHHmGXEoUbQeS2zjKLy26UfN2
Dogecoin 🐾: DH9sS3QVhtya7XSc4FXLZPktBqMSWjUZQw
Dai: 0x5fCDdf8c934d8636261d661A040819Ebd4Ae2306
ETH (Ethereum): 0xF2743cd89db187db390e487facEd7eEE930FA7a5
Litecoin: MPFAhYZgmaPx6efeSz1h9tGVwDUJC1PFQa
Uniswap πŸ¦„: 0xa921eCb93498c931b9D5b5feaa3Cb0AD4aBd77b5
ZCASH: t1RdHj8mTa7G1JUxVEJMAk34hsPap3RNWgC

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