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Frank Panduh (Pronounced: Frank Panda) is an electronic music producer/beatmaker. Composing music that is musically ambiguous. Juggling styles of genres from hip hop to house and splashes of punk. While also tossing in elements of pop and video game music influences. Like musical nostalgia. Frank is also the drummer for a California based indie-pop band called The Panduhs that started in 2006. While in The Panduhs he has had the opportunity to tour with Calvin Johnson of K Records. And share the stage with bands like Math the Band and of Tele Novella of Austin, TX.

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What does Frank Panduh’s Music Sound like?

Heavily inspired electronic music by film soundtracks, video games, daydreams and pop culture. But extremely varied from plunder phonic sounds to more simple yet melodic house music. To fast aggressive pop songs to mellow chill soundscapes. Taking inspiration from music of varied genres and feels and melding them into happy accidents.

Noting inspiration from artists like, Aphex Twin, Danny Elfman, Laurie Anderson, Nobuo Uematsu, Dan the Automator, The Knife, Kraftwerk, Hanson, MF DOOM, The Beach Boys, The Go Go’s, Bruce Haack, Daft Punk and various of other sources like Movies, Television and YouTube.

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