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Who Is Frank Panduh?

Howdy, β€œFrank Panduh, Or “Francisco Montes” here. I am a gay independent music producer who also play’s drums in “The Panduhs“. A central valley Indie Pop band that got to share the stage with awesome like bands like Math The Band, Tele Novela, Agent Ribbons and many other great bands. I make electronic music and have been for a few years. Most of my older music available on bandcamp and soundcloud. The music i make is kinda bipolar, like myself. I have used music as a way to channel my mania into music. Some of it sounds really mellow and atmospheric and others… Are just madness. Heavily inspired by house, hip hop and video games with a heavy punk and pop. I release everything under my DIY label. “Frank Panduh Records”.
So if any of this bio that was painful for me to write catches your attention support a struggling artist and buy some merch or donate if you can!

Also, Always trying to grow so feel free to reach out to me to work together on a project. [email protected]

Frank Panduh Records is my independent label.
I used to produce music under Knarf.

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