16 Dec 2020 Music

Music for weirdos

frank panduh laptop

Howdy reader, Frank here, a currently unemployed music producer.
I am kinda shy about self promo cause I feel like I’m not as cool as most of you. Some of y’all be really cool. But Imposter syndrome in the music community is real AF. I am a weirdo myself. I’m kinda shy at first cause i assume everyone hates me. Why? Idk.

I make weird electronic music, that kinda ranges all over the place.
My last release was “Split.” which is streaming on the popular platforms and on my Bandcamp.

split. EP (2020)

I’m currently mixing a new album which should be out as soon as i finish mixing and mastering it myself since funds are low. I wish i could afford to get them studio mastered but it isn’t possible. I’ve maxed out all my credit trying to survive this pandemic financially.

Lame. But oh well. At any rate, I wanna put this album out on vinyl so I might try and crowdfund or do a mini-run with pre-orders.
If you enjoy my music and found this blog entry and happen to want to help. Please reach out @ [email protected].

But at any rate hope, y’all have been well.


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