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Hello, Audius!

Frank Panduh now on Audius

Howdy, I am currently really digging Audius. A new decentralized platform for music. Kind of a direct competitor to SoundCloud but living in 3030. Here’s a gist of what you’d see if you used it.

Audius.co Mobile Example

🎧 Music on web 3.0?…

If you are already living in the future add me or re-post me if you can. A bunch of other really awesome artists are on the platform. Worth checking out.

I hopped on cause the idea and vision sound’s really cool. If you happen to be an early adopter of $audio tokens and wanna help me out on the new platform. You can send me tokens here 🥰:

Frank Panduh – $Audio Token Address 🥰:


If you wanna “Co lab” [dry sarcastic voice] on a project or a remix I’m always game. So shoot me an email @

[email protected]


Hope This find you well.

Check out my new Album LUNA. On my music page on you’re way out,




they have a free iOS app and android app.
or just use the web app on the website link.


Now Go Have a Rad Day!



Also, a big fan of Brave Rewards if you are into cryptocurrency and are a content creator. I have a blog post on the basics if you wanna try monitoring your twitch, Twitter, GitHub, and or website.


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