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New Album “Luna” Drops Feb 5, 2021

Luna Album Art

Howdy Humans, I have a new album coming out on February 5, 2020. The album is 100% self-produced (couldn’t afford to go to the studio for mastering so I had to do it myself.). I am pretty excited about the new release none the less! I really want to put this out on vinyl for y’all but I would need to get everything mastered to do that unless y’all are interested in lathe cuts. Getting ahead of myself… Breathe.

So LUNA. You can Pre-Order on at Bandcamp. It’s 10 bucks. If that’s way too steep let me know and I will send you a download code as long as you use Last.FM (https://last.fm/) Listen to a sneak peak on bandcamp.

I tried to put a lot of happy vibes in there for y’all. So enjoy it when it drops. I’ll be adding more merch to the shop as well. If you want to sign up for alerts for when it drops on Spotify.


The album art

Luna Album Art
Frank Panduh Luna Album Art

Frank Panduh – Luna (2021) Album Art
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But thank you so much for reading this. Hope the pandemic has not been to harsh on you. Sending you all the good vibes.
Love, You’re friendly neighborhood

Frank Panduh


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