21 Aug 2020 Music


Howdy, Pandas.

Just letting y’all know, I have a new “EP” Arriving on Aug 28th, 2020. Called “Pandemik” featuring 5 Songs. It’s about 13 minutes of Electronic fun.

Frank Panduh – Pandemik (2020) EP ART.

Use This link to follow the spotify pre-release link. You can pre-order it starting tomorrow. And if you are crafty you can listen to it before it’s official release. If you enjoy supporting weird electronic music please feel free to donate or buy my new EP. As i am currently unemployed and would love to pay rent and make more music for y’all. Hope you’re all staying safe!

Track List:

  1. Panda Trotz
  2. Shelter In Bass
  3. Balamb Garden
  4. Groggy Foggy
  5. It’s All Going Down


If you Enjoy it please share it! Thanks in advance reader! Hope you have a great day!

  • Frank Panduh
Where does this go? Enjoy ;)


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