21 Apr 2020 Music

Frank Panduh – Brain Poofs (Official Music Video)


Frank Panduh – Brain Poofs (Music Video)

Special Thanks To: Moon Safari Films

Hello, I am excited to announce the music video for brain poofs. Why? The video was shot by the amazing Ben Barker. Pretty flowers and salvage were provided by Cherub Freed. She is hella rad as well!

During the beginning of the shelter in place order, here in California. Ben hit me up on Twitter And said he was free due to the pandemic and made this visual masterpiece. IMO of course. I was blown away. So if you looking to chillout or space out to music. Take a listen and view of this awsome video.

Moon Safari Films“.


A “Moon Safari Films” Production.

Cinematography and Editing by Ben Barker

Flowers, Wreck and Salvage by Cherub Freed

Music by Frank Panduh

About the song:

Brain Poofs starts off as a downtempo space ambient song with dub vibes. It’s a great tune to relax and space out too. The outro of the song takes on a kinda reggae dub feel. Inspired by old video game music that was very lo-fi but jammy. Kinda wanted to give it a king tubby kinda dance vibe.


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