24 Aug 2019 Jailbreak Stuff Rant

PSA: Kodi For AppleTv Needs Maintainers!!


Howdy, Y’all. I recently Jailbroke my Apple TV and noticed there is hardly anyone maintaining the Apple TV. The last public deb file was posted from what my research showed on: February 27, 2018.

Screen Shot from: https://mirrors.kodi.tv/test-builds/darwin/tvos/

So i decided to try and dig a little deeper and found on there forms. And sure enough, no one is maintaining for tvOS.

Screen Shot from: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=341921

But don’t fear, some folks have had luck getting Kodi 19 on there Apple TV’s.

Screenshot from: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=312805&page=26

If you are a brave one or a dev wizard help the Apple TV scene get kodi running. Some info below:

git clone -b master_darwin-embedded-ATV https://github.com/fuzzard/xbmc kodi

Info on compiling for tvOS:


Most importantly thank you to @nitoTV , @coolstar and the entire Chimera team and everyone else involved in getting the jailbreak going for 12.4 on the AppleTV. Let’s get kodi running smoothly on the apple tv y’all!

PS: I’m a level 1 dev. I am not endorsed by any one and these thoughts and info reflect myself not Kodi team or any of the jailbreak scene. If you find a working version of Kodi 18 or 19. Please shoot me a dm on twitter @frankpanduh and I’ll update and cite you if you want! thanks for reading!


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