05 Feb 2021 Music

New Album Out Now.

frank shook

Luna is out!

Howdy Humans.

My new album Luna is out on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Tidal and should be up everywhere else soon. It’s 11 instrumental electronic dance music tunes. Ranging in tempo and flavors. Which you can buy on Bandcamp, iTunes (if you still use that), and Amazon… But yeah I’m trying. Hope y’all are staying well and hoping this pandemic can come to an end so we can all rage out and hopefully play some shows once things are safe.

About The Songs.

Here is an about the tracks if you want a deeper understanding of the vibe/reason for the songs.

  1. Discotekaz (Phonetic spelling) is my vision of a house-esk Mexican nightclub. In musica electronica form.
  2. Onett Beach Point Party is inspired by earthbound and twee indie-pop music. Kinda bouncy and poppy but just having fun and paying homage to an awesome game.
  3. Chocobo Tears On My Keyboard was a happy accident. I was messing around with a synth patch and got this fluttery bird sound and it really reminded me of a chocobo so I ran with it and made it a song.
  4. Bipolar Radio is a song I made to sound like swapping through moods and sounds on the radio I guess? IDK it was an idea. It gets really heavy toward the end and kinda evolves as the song goes along.
  5. Melody Mage I really like old video game synths sounds. I can’t escape how poppy they sound. So I kinda had an idea of what it would sound like to make a super poppy song to feel like your bopping around a game.
  6. Sleepless Funk ever up late at night while all you’re friends are asleep and just kinda alone. Light night anxiety kinda house track.
  7. You Give Me Chills this song I wanted to feel like you playing an intense PlayStation game. Kinda inspired by cut scenes in games. Wanted this to feel like you were living in a cut scene. Close your eyes and imagine a cool cut scene with a PlayStation one level aesthetic and you will get the idea.
  8. Time Magic this song was inspired by time compression magic in FF8. Like I previously mentioned IDK why video games left a lasting effect on my mind.
  9. Out The Window was my vision of the internet in the 1990s, With weird pads and chord sounds and blown out tape sound. I kinda liked all the blown-out synths in old late ’80s and 90’s PSA’s and commercials.
  10. Spray Paint Nebula is kind of a call back to the early 2000’s house with a live drum feel. Lots of distortion and energy. And having too many jollies with the gratuitous use of hi-hats.
  11. Luna is kind of a somber pop song for night owls. I made it thinking of the moonlight. I can’t sing so I used a synth to feel like it was serenading you into a trance. Kinda wanted it to be a weird ballad. To clap along to. Hoping it brings a smile to you.

Where to Stream LUNA (2021)




Frank Panduh - Luna (2021) Album Art

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