15 Sep 2018 Rant

Hello world!


Welcome to my website.

My name is Frank Panduh. I am 29, gay dude born in San Jose, CA.

On June 5, 1990. This dude was born.

Frank Panduh - Selfie

I Play drums in “The Panduhs“. With My Buddy Neil.  From time to time. 

Frank Panduh with Neil Vento of The Panduhs
It’s “The Panduhs

I have gotten the chance to meet some awesome people on the road with The Panduhs. I’ve had the great opportunity of getting to go on tour with a controversial figure like Calvin Johnson of K records.  He is so fun though.

Frank Panduh with Calvin Johnson Of K Records
Me With Calvin Johnson Of K Records.

I’ve had Math The Band And iji play at my house before.

iji and math the band
Me + Neil + Math The Band + iJi

I’ve also got to play with Sour Patch from San Jose. They be super chill!

I’ve Also done some super fun Volunteer work for GaymerX aka GX1, GX2 And GX4. A LGBT+ Gaming Convention about Queer inclusion in the gaming community.

GaymerCon in SF.
Post GaymerCon. before it became GaymerX.
GaymerX With Sprites
With The Sprites Of GaymerX.

I love playing music or just getting involved in the arts. I can’t wait to hit the road again.

The Panduhs, Dandelion Massacre, Salacious Wizard Cult in Austin, TX.
The Panduhs + Dandelion Massacre + Salacious Wizard Cult In Austin, TX.

Check out my music personal at: https://frankpanduh.com/music

Here’s Some random articles with me.




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