23 Sep 2020 Music

Frank Panduh – Split. (2020)

frank panduh split album art


Frank Panduh Split. Album Art Full Size
Frank Panduh – Split. (2020) | Album Art

On October 2, My new EP Split. comes out. I have a digital pre-order on Bandcamp and iTunes. If you Pre Order today you will also get my Track “Bridges” now before October 2, 2020. It’s only $5 dollars but you can pay more if you like.

October 2, 2020, also is a Bandcamp 100% royalty day. So your purchases would be super helpful right now with funds being tight due to not having a job with COVID-19 going rounds. If you want a physical copy I was planning on doing tapes or vinyl of this EP. As soon as I can secure funding. So if you want to help a 100% independent queer musician’s dream of having vinyl printed. I am taking donations for vinyl printing. Shoot me an email at [email protected].

About the songs on the “Split.”

On Split. there is 5 tracks. And here’s a bit of a behind the music on the tracks.

  1. That One Time I Played Video Games On A…
    Dystopian Style Video Game Synth Vibes, With LoFi Gritty Bass. That gets heavier as the song progresses.
  2. French Robots Made Me Gay
    Is an Homage to Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk. I wanted to make something that felt like a nod to the robots. Likely the tamest song on the EP. But I had fun composing it.
  3. Music A.D.D
    I wanted to channel my days of playing drums in my old band “The Panduhs” So this is kind of my love song to twee rock and synths.
    This song has mood changes and vibe changes.
  4. When You Felt Like Dying That One Time
    This song was super fun to make. It’s a weird Homage to oldies, rock and roll, punk rock, and Oingo Boingo. With a splash of Aphex Twin. The funky intro synth riff is a kinda poppy queer take on banda music.
  5. Bridges
    Bridges is a poppy heavy I wanted to make something catchy that incorporates mariachi style horns, with indie-punk vibes. I wanted it to feel like happy theme-park vibes with a splash of the worlds falling apart but try and stay happy and just keep fighting attitude.

New Merch in shop.

I have a web shop with Printful. Using Printful, I not quite entirely sure if I Can process returns yet. But if you do have an issue with your order contact me as soon as possible so I can get your order fixed. So bear with me, While I get returns 100%. Click here to check out the shop. (Shop)

Frank Panduh "Split. Panduh Head" Shirt (Lo-Fi Shirt)
Panda Head Shirt – $30.00

Stay Lifted and Gifted.
For remix requests like gettings stems to remix the songs Or if you want to be super kind and write a music review on your blog please write me.
[email protected]

Google Play
Bandcamp – Early Access to “Bridges“.

Stay safe out there and much love to whomever reads this.
Also don’t forget to vote America is depending on you!

-Frank Panduh


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