Frank Panduh


Who is Frank Panduh?

Frank Panduh” (PronoucedFrank Panda“) is an electronic music producer since 2006 from San Jose, California and drummer for “The Panduhs” an Indie pop-rock band from Modesto, California.



Howdy, I am Frank Panduh or Francisco Montes. I am a gay, electronic music producer from San Jose, California. I have been making electronic music as Frank Panduh since 2006. I also played drums in “The Panduhs” an indie rock band from Modesto, CA. I make electronic music that is inspired by sounds that inspired me to make electronic music. From old Sega and Super Nintendo games to punk rock and hip hop. I tend to shift tempos and genre styles within songs. I tend to joke that my music is bipolar like myself. I am heavily inspired by stuff like movies, or video games, or stuff from like Oingo Boingo (/ΛˆΙ”ΙͺΕ‹Ι‘oʊ ˈbΙ”ΙͺΕ‹Ι‘oʊ/) or even just Danny Elfman to Aphex Twin and YouTube memes. And compose music that ranges from downtempo to upbeat and really fast. I try to make my songs feel almost cinematic or atmospheric to some degree. Not to sound pretentious but I try to just make stuff sound fun and different to inspire more creativity or maybe I just can’t focus enough. But I tend to compose stuff to make you either dance or think or just relax. Also I am more active on Twitter so I will link you there if you’d like to stay up to date with me. And you can always email me with the button below and I will send you MP3’s for free as well. As I believe in trying to make my content as accessible as possible. I am an independent music producer so if there is anything I can do to make this site more helpful or friendly please reach out. And I will do everything in my power to make it better for everyone. Β 




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